Welcome to KINGDOM Environmental Protection!

  • Can I take my interview more than once?
    No. Every candidate has one chance to make their best impression. For that reason, we encourage you to prepare thoroughly and to take advantage of the Practice Interview when you are given that option as part of your Interview set-up. We also recommend that you avail yourself of a quiet space and enough time to complete your interview. Please note that if you stop the interview for any reason, the avatar will continue the interview from the next question.
  • Who will be interviewing me?
    A human-like Avatar will ask the questions which have been set by us. We believe that simulating a face-to-face interview environment gives us the best opportunity of seeing and hearing the personality and characters of our participants and helps us shortlist only the very best candidates for final selection. By using an Avatar for this phase of recruitment, we can ensure that all candidates are asked the same questions in the same way. It also means that candidates can take their interview 24/7 at their convenience from anywhere in the world and do not have to worry about scheduling issues or re-arranging their busy timetables.
  • Is there an opportunity to practice?
    Yes. There is a Practice Interview opportunity once you have registered and set-up your webcam. This interview will not be recorded and will not be visible to anyone but you. We recommend you take advantage of this chance to get used to the technology and to relax and enjoy the experience. You’ll be great.
  • Who will be able to see my interview?
    Only the people in this organisation who are responsible for shortlisting for your interview will have access to your recorded answers. Access is by encrypted password.
  • How do I find my interview?
    The system is designed to automatically link you to your interview by virtue of the email address you have given as part of your application. Please ensure this email address is consistent with the one with which you first contacted us. If you are applying for more than one position, you will be given a drop-down list of all interviews available to you. Simply select the one you wish to proceed with and return to complete the others when you are ready.
  • Do I need any special software to take my interview?
    You may need to download Adobe Flash if this is not already installed on your system. We recommend that you take your interview on an IE or Chrome browser if possible, as some browsers have inherent conflicts with Adobe. Please remember to tick the ‘Allow’ and ‘Remember’ buttons when requested to do so (this is an Adobe Flash requirement). You may also need to give permission to your browser (this might appear as a pop-up in another part of your computer screen). You will need a webcam on a laptop or PC…. we suggest you make sure this is working before attempting the interview.
  • How long do I have to answer the questions?
    Each question has been pre-set with a time for your answer. The Avatar will tell you what this is and the time will also be counted down on the screen. Your answer will be buffered, uploaded and stored, ready for us to review, either when the timer has run down to zero OR as soon as you click your mouse button. You will see a green tick and the word ‘Published’ appear, to confirm when this action has been completed. Do not be alarmed if it takes a few seconds for this to be done; the time depends to some extent on the strength and upload speed of your internet connection.
  • When will I find out if I have been successful?
    The person responsible for completing the shortlist for the position for which you have been interviewed will contact you as soon as all the candidates have completed their interview. This should only take a few days. Please contact us though if you need to make an urgent decision.
  • Can I take my interview on my smartphone?
    No. You can only access and take your interview on a laptop or PC. This is to ensure that we get the best possible view of you, because we want to see your personality and character, as well as listen to your answers.
  • What are the top tips for a good interview?
    Preparation is very important. Choose a setting and a time which is quiet and that will allow you to complete the interview undisturbed by people or phones. You should dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Make sure that your work area that is visible on webcam is uncluttered and tidy. Once you have confirmed your voice settings are correct, ensure that your face is fully visible and centred on your webcam and that there is no bright light (or sun) reflecting on the screen or putting your face in shadow. Engage with your Interviewer by looking directly at your webcam when answering, so that we can see your eyes. Listen to the question carefully and answer clearly. The questions will also be written on the screen. Don’t get flustered if things go astray. You can pause the interview at any time, but be aware that the Avatar will start with the next question when you resume. If circumstances occur beyond your control which causes you not to be able to take or complete your interview, we recommend that you contact us directly. Good luck! You’ll be great.
  • Can I take my interview any other way?
    We have selected a video interview as being the best way for us to assess the personality and character of our preferred candidates; to ‘see’ beyond what a written CV might tell us. We realise that this is different to most methods of selection, but it gives you a great opportunity to shine and to tell and show us how well you match our values and culture.